The Journey of Hope Parish Program


Journey of Hope for parishes is a simple and effective solution to bringing hope and healing to the separated or divorced members of your parish community. Journey of Hope has a 17-year proven track record of having helped hundreds of men and women understand the issues they face from a truly Catholic perspective. Easy to use and implement, here's everything you need to host and run this powerful program:

  Facilitator Kit:


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  Participant Kit:

  • 1 copy of Divorced. Catholic. Now What?   

  • 1 copy of Workbook companion

  • 1 White Glass Bead Rosary

  • Access to Journey of Hope online community


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Preview Voices of Hope Videos

Voices of Hope Video Trailers

Voices of Hope presents the hope and encouragement offered by Catholic men and women who have suffered through divorce as well as Catholic clergy and experts in the field of healing. The video chapters correspond with the book, Divorced. Catholic. Now What?


Preview of Voices of Hope: Anger With Your Ex-Spouse, Yourself, And God

Anger is a powerful emotion that can be difficult to handle after divorce, but it is possible. In this video you will hear what real people have to say about coping with anger they feel toward their ex-spouses, themselves, and God.

Preview of Voices of Hope: Letting Go

How in the world does one let go of his marriage, especially when he did not want to divorce in the first place? In this video, our experts share critical information to help you let go and move forward toward a happier future.

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Recommendations For

 Journey of Hope 


"I highly recommend the Journey of Hope program for separated and divorced Catholics! I led the program for my parish, Mary Star of the Sea, and personally witnessed the help it gave to my divorced and separated brothers and sisters in Christ. The Journey of Hope program is an educational program written with love. It is the perfect balm for those marriages in jeopardy or completely severed. In addition to the healing of individuals, three of the marriages in our group were restored. Two of those marriages sought additional help through Retrouvaille. I strongly believe every parish should offer the Journey of Hope program for their parishioners."


- Suzanne Lesniowski, Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, San Pedro, CA


"For over 3 years our parish has utilized the Journey of Hope series as the basis for our separated and divorced support groups. Not only do the materials provide a framework for discussion, but also serve as a springboard for further dialogue and connections. The videos are of particular importance as the participants relate to real people talking about the very same situations many of them are experiencing as well. As Catholics trying to find their way through the divorce process, this series offers a roadmap to the teachings of our faith and affirms God’s love to his people."


- Jodi Giuliano, LAPC, Transfiguration Catholic Church


Journey of Hope is a wonderful program! It is the answer to many prayers to fill a huge need among separated and divorced Catholics. St. Monica’s has been using the program for the past few years with great success. The book is wonderful, touching on many topics that the separated and divorced struggle through. Having a Catholic viewpoint is very comforting to many. The video is amazing. I can’t imagine anyone in this position not hearing something that strikes home. All aspects of the program have worked well with our support group. It has been the springboard to many meaningful discussions. Thank you so much, Lisa Duffy, for your role in all of this.


- Mary Sokolowski, St. Monica’s, Suwanee, GA


It has been my blessed and unique pleasure to come to know Lisa Duffy during the Journey of Hope Conference in Marietta, Georgia early in 2010. Prior to my personal introduction to Lisa and sometime in 2009, she had come to Lexington Kentucky to present to a group of separated or divorced Catholics at the request of our Diocesan Family Life Chair, Mike Allen. It was at that time that my other co-facilitators, Bob Shannon and Brooks Meador, met Lisa Duffy and were led by the Holy Spirit to initiate what we now know as the “Journey of Hope: This is Where the Healing Begins” for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington Kentucky. I joined the team in 2010 and have not regretted one day of ministry to the divorced and hurting of our Church. I have travelled that journey and clutch onto my eternal hope!


Since that first meeting with Lisa, our group has experienced leadership, teaching, mentoring and inspiration directly by Lisa. It is her enthusiasm and spirit anchored in her dedication to the Roman Catholic faith that distinguishes Lisa Duffy and the Journey of Hope – Divorce Recovery for Catholics program. In fact, this zeal is the primary reason for the recommendation and implementation of the Journey of Hope within our Diocese. 


Since that first introduction, our Journey of Hope group has yielded in excess of 120 graduates in the 15-week program. We have held five different Journey of Hope sessions and one Journey of Hope Weekend Retreat. As a result, we have become the experts on being Catholic and divorced or separated within our own Diocese and are acknowledged as such from our priest and lay supporters.


- Mike Logan, Diocesan Steering Committee Catholic Charismatic Renewal Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky


I am so thankful for Lisa Duffy and the Journey of Hope Program. Several years ago, being newly divorced at the time, I was seeking a Catholic program to help me cope with the all the issues I was dealing with. My church parish, St. Peter of Covington, LA, had a ministry for divorced Catholics. We were using the DivorceCare series. My dear friend, Jeanne Truxillo, happened to come upon the Journey of Hope program. We implemented the program in our parish. We found it so beautiful since it was based on our faith and truths. We both knew the need for a program like this. When you are newly separated, you are going through so many emotions and dealing with so many issues. You feel so alone. This program helps get the wounded person search for healing and comfort through God and the Catholic faith. The program is rich, true to the Magesterium of the Church, and grounded in the principals of our faith. I would highly recommend it to every Catholic parish. Each parish has wounded souls who need the comfort of the Church. They need to know they are loved and embraced by the Church. And they need to the tools to heal. Journey of Hope has all this and much more.


 - Patricia Little, St. Peter Catholic Church, Diocese of Covington, LA


Here at St. John Neumann we are in the third session of Journey of Hope. We like the topics that you have laid out in the text and ... the video has been very well received by each group. We usually start in the spring, meet twice a month and end in September. We have kept our past attendees in touch and they act as prayer sponsors. Everyone enjoys the closing Mass as we gather as many past participants to come and meet the new members and share in a closing reception. Many thanks to Lisa Duffy for her program.


- Sue Colyer, St. John Neumann Church, Reston, VA