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An Online Conference For The Healing of  Separated And Divorced Catholics

Friday, July 10 - Sunday, July 12, 2020

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All video presentations will have Spanish subtitles and all downloadable materials will be available in English and Spanish.






Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski


Helping Your Child Through Divorce


Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, LCPC, NCC, knows the difficulties and grief experienced by children from divorced families because she has lived through them herself. Through her foundation, Faith Journeys, Lynn ministers to children who are struggling with their parents' separation or divorce. Lynn obtained a BA from the University of Notre Dame and a MS in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland. Lynn is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and also works as a school counselor. Her professional experience includes conducting family, individual, and group therapy with children, teens, young adults and adults.





The Six Keys To Healing


Dating After Divorce


Lisa Duffy is a Catholic author, speaker, and divorce recovery expert who experienced the tragedy of an unwanted divorce in the early 1990s. She has nearly 20 years of personal experience helping people rebuild their lives after divorce. Author of many books on divorce recovery, most recently, Mending The Heart: A Catholic Annulment Companion, she has also instituted the Journey of Hope program for Catholic divorce support groups in parishes across the US and in Canada. Aside from her dedication to her family, Lisa speaks at conferences, appears on television and radio, coaches one-on-one and in groups and holds online events. 




How To Find

Forgiveness After Divorce


Thomas Graye is a long time producer for the Catholic television network EWTN. Also known as "The Voice of EWTN", Thomas​ has dedicated his life to helping spread the good news of Christ throughout the world. His own painful encounter with divorce and abandonment is a powerful story he will share with you, including advice on how to overcome the challenges and hardships associated with the loss of divorce.

How To Handle Loneliness After Divorce


Brian Patrick.jpg

Longtime news anchor of Cincinnati’s ABC affiliate and veteran of TV and radio, Brian joined “EWTN News Nightly” as Executive Producer in 2014. He was already well known to EWTN viewers as moderator of the TV series, “Crossing the Goal,” and as host of the “Son Rise Morning Show.” 

Plus a Special Presentation

on the Annulment Process by Msgr. C. Thomas Miles, MCL, JCL

  • Have questions about the annulment process?

  • Wondering where to begin?

  • Confused about the changes that have taken place?

  • Wonder if you qualify?

Get answers to your critical questions and accurate information.

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You Are Not Alone

That's why we're reaching out... so you can feel connected and know we're with you.

Going through a separation or divorce is a terribly difficult life event. It's is polarizing and it's easy to feel disconnected from family, neighbors, society, and church.

With the events that have taken place so far this year, we know it is doubly devastating. But you are not alone, we are with you. The Church is with you.

Please join us for this online conference and take some much-needed time for yourself. Listen to healing talks from other Catholics who have walked your same path and have gone on to have happy lives despite all the suffering. There is hope!

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